21/22 State Performance Measure Data

Core Academics

49% 3rd-5th graders will increase reading and math scores by 10% from Fall to Spring using NWEA Maps and DiBELS testing

Making Progress:

Based on 49%, 23 students needed to increase 10% in reading and math Dibels and MAPS scores.

  • 28 regular 3-5th grade attendees exceeded the goal in DiBELS
    • 6 of our regular attendees were on READ plans
      • 3 exited off of those plans
        • 3 are within 1-2 percentage points of exiting
  • We are making progress on NWEA MAPS scores:
    • Math
      • 11 attendees showed 5-9.99% growth
      • 5 attendees showed 10+% growth
    • Reading
      • 11 regular attendees showed 5-9.99% growth
      • 5 attendees showed 10+% growth

School Attendance

40% of regular attendees who have an attendance baseline of 81% will increase to 83% attendance.

Not Making Progress

SY20-21 attendance data is not reliable as 91% of our attendees had attendance rates of more than 90%, some had 100% attendance that year. AAK administration informed that attendance was subjective and based on “levels of engagement” rather than actually being present in school or online. More than half of that school year was spent doing remote learning.

Based on that data, only 4 students made improvements to their attendance; 2 of those did not meet the 2% improvement requirement. Overall, regular CLC attendees have 95% school attendance rates for SY21-22. Attendance for non-regular attendees is 81%.

Essential Skills

50% of regular attendees will improve their character skills rating by at least 1 rating score, from novice to advanced beginner from BOY to EOY as measured by teacher observation rubrics and self-reported student surveys.

Exceeded Performance Measure

I used the following categories from the Teacher survey: “Getting Along Well with Other Students” and “Behaving Well in Class”, characteristics indicative of good character. The response rate for the teacher survey is 100%. On average, 65.5% of our regular attendees improved in those categories.

Family Engagement

Increase active parent participation to 30 parents for FY 21/22 by reviewing attendance records over the year, parent input and feedback surveys. CLC staff will welcome families, build a link with the school community, have a space dedicated for communication on the school website, send a monthly calendar by email with a link to sign up for participation.

Met Performance Measure

I sent all of our families an end-of-year satisfaction survey where they were able to provide feedback on programming, quality and quantity of communication, staff, registration forms, perceived (academic, behavior, communication) benefit of the overall program, safety, and quality of family programming. We had 37 responses.

Ongoing efforts to grow the family engagement piece of our grant are in place. Feedback indicating as much was provided to CDE.

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