Free Extended Day Program Beginning Fall 2019

Beginning in Fall 2019, AAK will offer a FREE extended day to all enrolled AAK students from 6:30am-6:00pm. This program will serve as a safe and enriching environment for our students beyond the school day. It will have a planned structure and schedule that includes opportunities for homework help and academic support. We will continue to offer the same robust after-school activities that we always have — drama, dance, Mad Science, music programs, etc.

Mission: Within a supportive school community, The Academy of Arts & Knowledge offers a robust arts program that complements core academics, fosters critical thinking skills, and creates confident, creative individuals with the freedom to reach their full potential.

Vision: We will provide an environment that allows every student to reach their full potential.

AAK is open to all students residing in the state of Colorado. Enrollment decisions shall be made in a nondiscriminatory manner without regard to disability, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, ancestry, need for special education services, on any other protected class.

Students at the Academy receive instruction in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies based on the Colorado Academic Standards, with the fine arts integrated throughout. Our teachers provide a safe learning community that allows students to take risks in their learning while treating each student as a unique individual and giving them opportunities to let their creativity flourish.

In addition to integrating arts into the core subjects, our students participate in 90 minutes of music, art, and wellness/physical education PER WEEK for a truly robust arts education.

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Art at AAK

All students benefit from the arts, especially students who need more concrete, visual, and kinesthetic experiences for successful learning. At AAK, the integrated fine arts and visual arts program strengthens learning transfer. The arts at AAK are not only about producing tangible artifacts but also skill development and problem-solving. AAK adheres to the proposition that arts integration produces better readers, better writers, and better speakers. Students focus on the elements of art and principles of design throughout the year and get many opportunities to enter their artwork into local, state, and national competitions.

Music at AAK

Music, like literacy, allows students to experiment with rhythm, words, tempo, and melody. Musical notation and reading the meaning in the music dovetails strongly into moving from text to meaning in literacy. It is the conviction at AAK that music produces (apart from the gifts of music itself) strong readers, writers, and presenters.

During the enrichment block, students can choose to be members of the Dragon Scales choir or try out the ukulele. We also have after-school band, orchestra, and private lessons. In addition to many performances at the school, the band has marched in the CSU Homecoming Parade and St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and the Dragon Scales choir has performed at Eagles hockey games.

Wellness at AAK

Research shows that physical activity stimulates the brain and improves academic performance. AAK students engage in 90 minutes of physical education and wellness per week, in addition to 40+ minutes of recess per day. Through our wellness program, students are not only getting physically fit but are also learning how to take care of themselves by making healthy choices. Students have the opportunity to enjoy all that the Northern Colorado outdoors and mountains have to offer, with planned field trips like hiking Devil’s Backbone or snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Literacy at AAK

We teach reading and writing to our students through the EngageNY curriculum. Reading and writing are also integrated throughout the day in all subject areas, and teachers give students time to dive into books to cultivate a true love for literacy.

Math at AAK

Singapore Math instruction is delivered through the Primary Mathematics curriculum. With this curriculum, our students learn and master mathematical concepts at greater detail with a three-step learning process: concrete, pictorial, and abstract. Through this curriculum, they become creative thinkers who are prepared to be real-world problem solvers.

Science at AAK

Through the Bring Science Alive! curriculum and Next Generation Science Standards, students engage in hands-on activities and experiments based on the scientific method. Intermediate students are able to present their understanding and critical thinking in the spring Science Fair.

Social Studies at AAK

AAK students learn about character, ethics, empathy, and self-esteem through our Social Studies Alive! curriculum. They step into the shoes of great historical figures through active projects, skits, musical performances, and distinctive artistic expression. The social studies and sciences of all the great world civilizations are taught in this interdisciplinary, project-based, and multicultural curriculum.

Enrichment at AAK

All students get to choose enrichment activities during our enrichment block on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Enrichment choices range from the fine arts, math, science, and any other creative topic our teachers can dream of. During this time, some students participate in the Dragon Scales choir, Scenery, or Coding. Additional offerings might include but are not limited to Drama, Typing, Lego Robotics, Spanish, Videography, Snowshoeing, Crocheting, Gardening, Cooking, and many others.

Homeschool Program at AAK

AAK’s homeschool program is for students in grades 1-5. AAK recognizes the role that families have in their children’s education, and we can provide additional resources and support for the homeschooled child. By working together with families, we help to create environments in which each child can thrive and prepare for the world. We invite your homeschooled child to participate in our eight-hour per week on-site schedule that includes art, music, wellness, Paragon (social studies), or various core subjects. We offer flexible times to supplement the needs of individual homeschool programs as long as students attend at least eight hours a week.

Special Education Program at AAK

With a focus on inclusion, our Special Education program continues to follow AAK’s vision of treating each student as a unique individual. The program takes into consideration the academic support needed for every child to meet their specialized goals across all core academic subjects while working to foster enthusiastic and self-confident learners. The Special Education program at AAK also concentrates heavily on the social and emotional needs of special education students and ensures that every student feels comfortable inside and outside of their classroom environment.

Gifted/Talented Program at AAK

All students in second grade are screened for the Gifted/Talented Program through a non-verbal test. Students new to AAK in grades 3-5 are also screened. A score that approaches the 90th percentile will result in a referral for further testing. Parents, teachers, and students may also make referrals for testing.

Our teachers are trained to recognize the traits of gifted children, as well as accommodating the needs of these children. GT services may be delivered in the classroom by the homeroom teacher or as a pull-out with a small group of GT students, whichever best meets their needs. Through an advanced learning plan (ALP), teachers and staff can assess gifted student growth and social-emotional development. ALPs are reviewed yearly and may be revised at any time.

English Learners at AAK

Students who come from homes in which English is not the primary language, dual-language homes, or students who have recently immigrated to the United States, are assessed within the first 30 days at school to determine their English Language proficiency level. This assessment provides teachers and parents with information about what English Language skills the student may need more instruction in. AAK then provides specialized, small-group instruction to these English Language Learners. The instruction is aimed at helping the student to access content knowledge, while also working to increase their English language skills. AAK’s English Language program follows the World-Class Instruction Design and Assessment (WIDA) standards that the Colorado Board of Education has adopted as the Colorado English Language Proficiency (CELP) standards.