4th Annual Arts Gala

Please join the AAK family to support and celebrate our robust arts program

May 18th 2019


4800 Wheaton Dr.

Fort Collins Co 80525

Silent Auction Bidding 4:00p.m.-6:15p.m.

Student Performances 5:00 p.m. -7:15p.m


Performance Schedule


Stage 1 (Auditorium):

5:00 opening remarks
5:15 Dragon Scales
5:30 AAK Spirit Club
6:00 Dance 3rd-5th
6:15 Orchestra
6:30 Dance K-2
6:45 Band
7:00 Talent Show Winner
7:15 Closing remarks


Stage 2 (Library):

 5:15 Ukulele
 5:30 Trio
 5:45 Play Excerpt
 6:00 Green Eggs and Ham
6:05 Magic Show


On-site Childcare for Arts Gala 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This year at the 4th Annual Arts Gala, free on-site childcare will be provided from 5-7 p.m. for potty trained younger siblings. During their time in the on-site care, child(ren) will play with our trusted teenage volunteer caregivers on the playground with bubbles and sidewalk chalk provided for added entertainment.  Mrs. Chavira and AAK Parent volunteers will be out on the playground the whole time with the caregivers. Our goal is to provide families with younger siblings the ability to fully engage in any performances or to have a moment to stroll through the silent auction with full attention on the auction items.

To utilize the on-site care:

  • Your child(red) MUST be a fully potty trained 3 to 6 year old sibling of AAK student.
    • Caregivers CANNOT help children in the bathroom or change pull-ups.
  • Parents MUST remain on school grounds while the child(ren) are taking part in the on-site care. If a parent needs to leave school grounds for ANY reason, they must pick up their child first.
  • Each parent/guardian will sign in the child(ren), supply their phone number, any allergies, and the time the child is dropped off. When they return, they will mark the time of pick up.
  • There will be at most 5 kids for every 1 caregiver. We would appreciate if you could limit the time for childcare to 30 minute increments to ensure everyone who wants to utilized it has the ability.
    • 30 minutes should give you hands-free time to watch a performance as well as browse the galleries and start bidding but if the caregivers have no one waiting for a turn, your child(ren) can stay longer.
  • If an issues arises that requires your attention, you will be notified immediately.
  • We are going to utilize a number system to keep the children safe.
    • Each parent/guardian will be given a number and the same number will be on a sticker for your child to wear.
    • When you come to pick up your child(ren) you will need to provide the caregivers with the number that corresponds with the number on your child’s sticker.
    • Parents/grandparents/siblings can pick up the children but they MUST have the number provided to make sure we are keeping the children safe and going with the right family or person.
  • A small snack (nut and gluten free) will be provided. No outside food allowed but water bottles labeled with your child(ren)’s name are encouraged.

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