TPAAK is offering an Enrichment Block this year!

Enrichment occurs during the last part of the day (2:45-3:20pm) and gives TPAAK students the opportunity to dive more deeply into the area of their choosing.

There are two different Enrichment tracks – A and B.

Track A courses are offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Track B courses are offered Tuesday and Thursday. Each track lasts for one trimester. Students will be allowed to choose a class in each track every trimester. Some enrichment options, such as Dragon Scales (choir), band, and orchestra are yearlong courses. Kindergarten will not be participating in Enrichment Courses until 2nd Trimester. They need time to get used to being a part of school! Typing will be required for all 4th & 5th graders.

Dates for Enrichment Courses

First Trimester: August 28-November 16
Deadline to submit 1st course preferences: August 24
Second Trimester: November 27 –March 8
Deadline to submit 1st course preferences: November 13
Third Trimester: March 19-May 24
Deadline to submit 1st course preferences: March 5


Students will submit their preferences using the form on the back of this catalog. First choice selections will be honored where space allows and we will do our best to honor at least one of your student’s first choices

Click here to view our current course selections.