Power up your engineering skills with Play-Well TEKnologies and tens of thousands of LEGO®!  Apply real-world concepts in physics, engineering, and architecture through engineer-designed projects such as arch bridges, skyscrapers, motorized cars, and the Battletrack! Design and build as never before, and explore your craziest ideas in a supportive environment. An experienced instructor will challenge new and returning students to engineer at the next level.  Class will run Wednesdays from 3:20-4:50pm September 21st-November 9th for students in grades 2nd-5th. Sign up at www.play-well.org.

There are a limited number of scholarships available for families.  To apply for a scholarship, please contact Jada Kankel at jkankel@aak.org.  Scholarships will be awarded September 16th via a lottery depending on number of applicants.