Hands-on and inquiry-based curriculum held right at the school, no transportation needed!

Children watch spectacular demonstrations, engage in exciting hands-on activities, participate in inquiry-based discussions and work on interesting take-home projects.

Mad Science Presents: Secret Agent Lab!

Day: Mondays

Time: 3:25-4:25 PM

Dates: 9/19-10/24/2016

James Bond? MacGyver? Austin Powers?!? Do you think you have what it takes to discover “who done it”? Let’s find out together in this action-packed enrichment program dedicated to the fascinating world of forensics! Discover how detectives find and analyze clues. Learn to decipher encrypted messages and build your own Secret Safe to take home! Compare your fingerprints to your friends’ and see if you can spot the differences. Analyze soil, chemical and fiber evidence to see if you can catch the criminal in the act! Take a look at the inner workings of security systems and see the world through a pair of real Night Vision goggles! Calling all aspiring police officers, spies and secret agents, this program is for you!

Please Register Online at www.colorado.madscience.org

There are a limited number of scholarships available for families.  To apply for a scholarship, please contact Jada Kankel at jkankel@aak.org.  Scholarships will be awarded September 16th via a lottery depending on number of applicants.