Dear TPAAK Community,
The TPAAK Administration and Board are looking at making a couple adjustments to the 2015-16 school year that would affect the coming months. These changes will provide some additional time for teachers’ professional development and time for the students to share their skills and talents. For instance, the structure of our remaining Paragon nights will change to alternate monthly between the Primary (K-2) and Intermediate (3-5) levels each month. Additionally, we will be showcasing individual talents as well as the band and choir. By implementing this change, we will continue to showcase and honor our Paragon tradition–the curriculum that continues to be utilized daily in the classrooms, while adding more opportunities for students and reducing the time commitment for teachers and families.

In addition to the restructuring of Paragon nights, the recommendation to the Board is to drop two student contact days in exchange for two professional development days for the teachers. The proposed dates are March 11th (the Friday before Spring Break) and removing the last day of school–moving field day and the half day dismissal up one day.

The recommended changes are as follows:

1.Paragon Night adjustments

January 26th (Tuesday) K – 1 – 2 Paragon Night in classrooms and individual student sharing of art work, music recitals, short stories, and acting on stage.
i.This night is also an Open House for prospective families.
February 24th Grade 3-4-5 Paragon Night; 5th grade on the stage.
March as usual NO Paragon Night — Spring Break
Change April 5th K-1-2 Paragon Night to April 12th. This April 12th Paragon night will also be an evening of Performance on Stage by the TPAAK Dragon Scales and CEC Choir. 1st grade on the stage.
May 5th Grade 3-4-5 Paragon Night. This May 5th Paragon Night will also feature on stage the TPAAK/CEC Intermediate and Advanced Bands performing.

2.March 11th
We would drop this day as a student day and ADD AS A PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT DAY. Change = no school on Friday, March 11th.

3.End of the Year changes.
May 24th would be the last full day of school (Field day)
May 25th school would be dismissed at 12:30 (Half-day)
May 26th Teacher Professional Development
The TPAAK Board will be discussing and acting upon these recommendations at the upcoming board meeting on Wednesday, January 13th meeting. If you have any questions, feedback, or concerns, please feel free to contact Mr. Lewicki or any Board member.
Thank you,

Mr. Lewicki
TPAAK Executive Director