Dear AAK Family, 

As the school year is quickly approaching we have been hard at work planning for multiple scenarios that will occur during the upcoming school year. 

We are still planning on in-person, full attendance learning starting August 19, 2020. The full outline of that plan can be found here.  However, we are finalizing our hybrid and remote learning plans to ensure we are able to pivot quickly if and when the need arises.  Please familiarize yourself with these plans as the need will likely arise over the course of the year to utilize them.  Our goal will remain to provide a highly engaging, arts integrated, individualized learning experience for every student in every scenario. 

As we have seen with this situation, these plans could change based on new information and guidance from the state or county. All in person learning will follow the same health and safety protocols as outlined in our Return to School plan.

  • Cohort groups with student and staff groups will be maintained throughout the day. 
  • Interventionists and service providers offer instruction/support virtually on-site as well as meet with students one class at a time. 
  • Nonessential visitors, volunteers, and activities will be restricted.
  • Pre-plated meals will be provided for students and eaten in the classroom or outside, following social distancing requirements through the process.
  • Safety provisions are made in hallways and common areas for students and staff.
  • Social and emotional learning opportunities and supports are provided.

Please read through the plan carefully and fill out the form below to let us know your preference for tracks in our Hybrid model.  We will ensure that all students in a household are in the same track.  We will do our best to accommodate all other requests for track assignment. 

We will continue to offer a 100% remote learning option for all families that would like to participate.  Families will have this option regardless of if the school is operating in a full schedule, full attendance; hybrid; or remote learning model.  Please indicate on the form below if you intend to participate in the 100% remote option. 

Please contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have!  We know this is a stressful and anxiety inducing time.  One of the benefits of being a small community is that we are able to offer more flexibility for families then would be available in a larger district or school. 

Thank you for taking the time to complete the form.  We look forward to seeing you soon!


The AAK Administration


AAK Full-Attendance, Full-Schedule Plan

Complete plan and rationale can be found here.

  • AAK will operate a full-schedule, five-day week.
  • AAK will form cohorts of students who will learn and move together during the day with reduced contact to limit the incidence of exposure and possible spread of illness.
  • AAK will expect staff to wear masks to the extent possible, and will recommend students to wear masks.
  • AAK will implement health protocols for screening, detecting and responding to exposure and infection.
  • AAK will offer a remote learning option for all families that can be utilized in the event of an outbreak, or for family preferences/health concerns.

AAK Hybrid Learning Model

  • AAK will offer a combination of in-person and at-home learning
  • Students engage in learning five days a week; they attend school two days of the week and have at-home learning the rest of the week.
  • Student groups rotate attending school, with 50% of the students at school per day, Monday through Thursday. 
  • Each Friday, 100 percent of students will engage in at-home learning while teachers plan for the following week’s lessons.
  • Provide online direct instruction lessons, supplemental activities, and skill checks. 
  • Larimer County Health Department regulations and procedures are followed.
  • The number of students are limited in a room to comply with social distancing measures and health requirements.   
  • Our free before and after school care will still be provided during the days students participate in in-person learning. 
  • Students are divided into groups with a priority placed on having siblings in the same group. 
  •  “A Track” attends school Mondays and Wednesdays with at-home learning Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
  • “B Track” attends school Tuesdays and Thursdays with at-home learning Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
  • Each Friday, 100 percent of students will engage in at-home learning while teachers plan for the following week’s lessons, and collaborate and engage in professional development to best support students. 

            Hybrid At-School Learning Priorities

    • Lessons focus on priority standards.
    • Social and emotional learning are integrated throughout the day.
    • Specials are provided in a modified schedule rotating every 6 weeks.
    • Teachers provide whole group and small group instruction.
    • Lessons are highly engaging with supplemental at-home activities being provided

          Hybrid At-Home Learning Priorities

    • Teachers provide instructional materials for subject areas. Students apply their learning and preview new content.
    • Specials teachers may provide weekly lessons.
    • Students have access to pre-recorded video lessons and practice during the week.
    • Interventionists and service providers offer instruction to support learning.

AAK Mostly Remote Plan 

  • Most students will engage in a 100 percent remote-learning environment four days per week.
  • Smaller, select groups of students will meet for in-person learning, while following social distancing protocols (face coverings, maintaining at least 6 feet of separation, washing hands frequently, etc.)  These groups will be selected based on needs of the students.
  • Larimer County Health Department regulations and procedures are followed while students and staff are in school buildings
  • Students learn remotely from home and have scheduled check-ins at school in small groups with their teacher. Frequency and length of check-ins is based on health guidelines and orders. 
  • Service providers will collaborate with teachers to offer support for students.
  • All nonessential visitors, volunteers and activities will be restricted at schools.

AAK Remote Learning Plan

  • Instruction is predominantly delivered via technology but may also include use of tangible learning materials.
  • Teachers provide instruction and lessons using computer-based and/or activity-based lessons. Instructional materials are distributed on a regular basis. Lessons are structured consistently to avoid confusion, following the same schedule and means of access each day.
  • Interventionists and service providers support learning with consistent instruction.
  • Curriculum approach includes:
    • 90 minutes per day in Kinder-2nd Grade
    • 120 minutes per day in 3rd-5th Grade
    • Consistent lessons per week in subject areas, including specials

Click here for Additional COVID FAQs 

Return to School Preferences

This form is our attempt to be transparent with our community and attentive to community concerns and input. We are completely aware that any departure from conventional school operations will be disruptive for many students and families (including our AAK staff) so we are seeking input to help us create the best balance of supports and service. Thank you for helping us make the best plan possible as we transition through and beyond the COVID pandemic.

Return to School Preferences

  • Insert multiple first names for siblings, enter multiple last names only if siblings have different last names.
    Select multiple for siblings
    *We will do our best to put families in their preferred tracks but cannot guarantee placement. All siblings will be placed in the same track.


Click here for Additional COVID FAQs 

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised communities to prepare for a domestic outbreak of COVID-19, commonly known as the coronavirus.

For the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 and the number of confirmed cases in Colorado and in the U.S., visit:

Building on best practices and official health recommendations, AAK has developed an infectious illness prevention, preparedness and response plan shared below. Please note this information is subject to change as the global outbreak evolves, and the school determines how best to respond to the emergency.

During an outbreak, AAK will follow the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment’s lead on any quarantines, closures, or other health measures needed. AAK’s focus is always to ensure the safety of students and staff, and, if any of those situations arise, determine how education can continue.


Parents and guardians can help prevent illness by continuing with the same critical practices – for themselves and with their children – as one would during flu season.

  • Wash hands often with soap and water
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Clean frequently touched surfaces and objects
  • Keep kids home if they are sick. Please notify the school if your child is sick and needs to stay home. If possible, please share their symptoms and if they have a positive influenza diagnosis.  Refer to the CDPHE “How Sick is Too Sick”

More information is available on the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment website.

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