We’ve all had teachers who inspired or challenged us at important moments in our lives. These teachers and supporting staff are truly special and, like all people who excel at their jobs, they deserve our sincere thanks.  AAK parents are encouraged to show their appreciation with a small token of their gratitude, such as a favorite candy bar, book, or snack food.


Ms. Hall
Candy Bar Butterfinger, Twix
Snack Food Doritos, Hot Cheetos, Cheez-Itz Duoz
Restaurant Mod Market, King Soopers
Fast Food Canes
Beverage Caramel Macchiato, Chai Latte
Chocolate or Fruit Berries, Caramel Chocolate
Type of Music County
Desired Books Informational Habitat Books (Forest, Arctic, Ocean, Desert), Christmas Books, Rhyming Books, If you Give a Mouse a Cookie Series, There was an Old Lady Series
Entertainment/Hobbies Snowboarding, Hiking
Stores Amazon, Target, Costco
Sports Teams Broncos
Classroom Items White boards, clip boards, healthy snacks, clothespins,  washable markers, large classroom sets of washable paint, paint trays and brushes, paper mate felt tip pens, laminating sheets, cardstock colored paper, playdough, Scotch Tape,
Non-Monetary Items
Ms. Kaila De Jane AAK Support Staff/CLC Lead Educator 
Candy Bar Kit Kat
Snack Food Goldfish
Restaurant Old Chicago
Fast Food McDonald’s
Beverage Coffee
Chocolate or Fruit Chocolate
Type of Music All Music
Desired Books
Entertainment/Hobbies Riding Motorcycles
Stores Target/Wal Mart
Sports Teams Colorado Eagles
Classroom Items Highlighters
Non-Monetary Items Birthday Off

Mr. K.Smith First Grade
Candy Bar Crunch
Snack Food Chips & Queso/Salsa
Restaurant Gibbs Bagels
Fast Food Qdoba
Beverage Non Caffeinated Tea, Emergen-C
Chocolate or Fruit Apples, Bananas, Dried Mango
Type of Music Pop Music
Desired Books Children’s stories, Young Chapter Books for kids
Entertainment/Hobbies Journals, Creative Things
Stores Target and Walmart
Sports Teams None
Classroom Items Cardstock, Velcro Dots, Laminate, Staples, Tape
Non-Monetary Items Classroom Artwork
Ms. Sloan  First/Second Grade Combo
Candy Bar Kit Kat
Snack Food Cheetos Puffs
Restaurant Gibbs Bagels
Fast Food
Beverage Unsweet Tea, Coffee
Chocolate or Fruit Chocolate
Type of Music Oldies, 50s-90s
Desired Books Stephen King, Scary Stories
Entertainment/Hobbies Puzzles
Stores Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby
Sports Teams
Classroom Items magnets, push pins, velcro dots, card stock, color printer paper
Non-Monetary Items art work, cards, notes
Other Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, Mid-Century Modern

Mrs. Cullen 
Second Grade
Candy Bar Snickers
Snack Food Chips
Restaurant Mojeaux, Restaurant 415
Fast Food Chipotle
Beverage Coffee, Tea
Chocolate or Fruit Any Chocolate or Fruit
Type of Music Queen, Wilco, Bob Dylan, The Beatles
Desired Books Non Fiction, Adventure Books
Entertainment/Hobbies Skiing, Hiking, Traveling, Reading
Stores Target, Knowledge Bound
Sports Teams Baltimore Ravens
Classroom Items Wobble Chairs, Books, Erasers
Non-Monetary Items Poems, Handmade Gifts from Students
Mrs. D. Smith Third Grade
Candy Bar Chocolate!, KitKat, Twix, Ghirardelli
Snack Food Crunchy Cheetos
Restaurant Sushi
Fast Food Chick-Fil-A
Beverage Starbucks, Dutch Bros.
Chocolate or Fruit Both!
Type of Music Pop, Rock, and everything 90s
Desired Books Almost anything, history, motivational, fiction, biographies
Entertainment/Hobbies Reading, video games, writing, hiking
Stores Target, Amazon, Dollar Tree
Sports Teams Olympic gymnastics and figure skating
Classroom Items Mini Erasers, children’s books, lemon theme
Non-Monetary Items Sweet notes and pictures!
Other Favs: green, cats, dogs, health & wellness

Ms. Poe
Fourth Grade 
Candy Bar anything chocolate w/out nuts
Snack Food Chex Mix
Restaurant Torchy’s Tacos
Fast Food Garbanzo
Beverage Sprite
Chocolate or Fruit Anything chocolatey!  (just without nuts)
Type of Music Rock N Roll
Desired Books Graphic Novels, Books in a Series
Entertainment/Hobbies Roller skating and Rock Climbing
Stores Target, Amazon
Sports Teams Broncos, Dallas Mavericks, CSU Rams
Classroom Items Teachers Pay Teachers gift cards for worksheets
Non-Monetary Items Pictures/Paintings- I love student work!
Other I love flamingos!
Ms. Walters
Fourth/Fifth Grade Combo
Candy Bar Snickers or Twix
Snack Food Cool Ranch Doritos
Fast Food Chick-Fil A
Beverage Dr Pepper
Chocolate or Fruit mango,banana,strawberry
Type of Music EDM, folk, indie pop
Desired Books historical fiction, horror, crime
Entertainment/Hobbies guitar, drums, hiking, camping, fishing, concerts
Stores vans
Sports Teams saints, rockies, avs
Classroom Items sharpies
Non-Monetary Items

Mrs. Schnell 
Fifth Grade
Candy Bar Dark Chocolate Dove
Snack Food Popcorn
Restaurant The Farm
Fast Food Canes
Beverage Celsius or Oat Mild Latte
Chocolate or Fruit Fruit
Type of Music Indy Folk and Rock
Desired Books Novels-4th-6th grade
Entertainment/Hobbies Polymer Clay
Stores Target. Etsy, Amazon
Sports Teams Soccer
Classroom Items Post It Chart Paper
Non-Monetary Items Thank you Notes
Mrs. Floyd Music
Candy Bar Chocolate!!!
Snack Food Little Crackers
Restaurant Blue Bird Café
Fast Food Wendy’s
Beverage Hazelnut latte
Chocolate or Fruit Chocolate, yes! Fruit, yes! Just not together!
Type of Music jazz, klezmer, classical
Desired Books Historical Fiction
Entertainment/Hobbies plants, knit, crochet, reading, kayaking
Stores Target
Sports Teams None
Classroom Items Fun pens! Little Pads of Paper
Non-Monetary Items Handmade cards and notes

Mr. B Expressions
Candy Bar Milky Way Dark
Snack Food Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Restaurant Mc Graff’s (Loveland)
Fast Food Wendy’s
Beverage Coffee (any espresso drink)
Chocolate or Fruit Dark Chocolate
Type of Music Musicals!
Desired Books Plays for Kids, Children’s Books on Theater
Entertainment/Hobbies Loveland Laser Tag
Stores Trader Joe’s, Target
Sports Teams Dance – XD
Classroom Items Costume Pieces
Non-Monetary Items
Other Anything that could help expand our Expressions Program!
Ms. Andrejasich Art
Candy Bar York Peppermint Patties
Snack Food Mixed nuts
Restaurant Pinocchio
Fast Food Jason’s Deli
Beverage Pomegranate Juice
Chocolate or Fruit Dark Chocolate Nuts
Type of Music
Desired Books Drawing books for the art room
Entertainment/Hobbies ART!!!
Stores Target
Sports Teams I love the Olympics!
Classroom Items Soft Water Color Brushes
Non-Monetary Items Student art, signed! they may be famous one day!!!

Ms. Bayliss Speech Pathologist
Candy Bar Heath Bar
Snack Food Skinny Pop Popcorn
Restaurant Any Mexican food
Fast Food Chipotle
Beverage Kombucha
Chocolate or Fruit Love both!
Type of Music Folk, Indie, Blues
Desired Books Dare to Lead by Brene Brown
Entertainment/Hobbies Yoga, basketball, painting, reading, hanging with my pup
Stores Target, Dollar Tree
Sports Teams OKC Thunder
Classroom Items
Non-Monetary Items notes, drawings, jokes!
Ms. Harris
School Psychologist
Candy Bar Cookies
Snack Food popcorn
Restaurant Vatos Tacos
Fast Food Big City Burrito
Beverage coffee
Chocolate or Fruit dark chocolate w/sea salt
Type of Music various – depends on mood
Desired Books The lost book of herbal remedies
Entertainment/Hobbies bee keeping, gardening, skiing, cooking
Stores Costco, Jax Outdoor Gear
Sports Teams Broncos
Classroom Items Squishy / sensory toys (kids), sand tray miniatures
Non-Monetary Items Kindness, sunshine, friends
Other I love cool hats (winter hats, ballcaps, etc.)

Mrs. Dennison Nurse
Candy Bar Milky Way
Snack Food Parmesan Cheese Crisps
Restaurant Longhorn Steakhouse
Fast Food Wendy’s
Beverage Coke Zero
Chocolate or Fruit Fruit
Type of Music 70’s and Country
Desired Books Keto Cookbooks
Entertainment/Hobbies Puzzles, Books, and Crosswords
Stores Target, Bath and Body Works
Sports Teams None
Classroom Items Ticonderoga Pencils
Non-Monetary Items
Ms. Cole Special Education Teacher
Candy Bar Heath
Snack Food Popcorn
Restaurant Noodle Company
Fast Food N/A
Beverage Coffee
Chocolate or Fruit Chocolate Covered Blueberries
Type of Music 80’s Country
Desired Books Drama/Western
Entertainment/Hobbies Anything Outdoors!
Stores N/A
Sports Teams Denver Broncos
Classroom Items Pens, Post Its, Magnets
Non-Monetary Items Quotes

Ms. Schlagel
Candy Bar Pay Day
Snack Food Sweet or Salty
Restaurant Anything Local
Fast Food Bindle
Beverage Coffee
Chocolate or Fruit Chocolate
Type of Music ALL!
Desired Books School Improvement, Leadership, new suggestions!
Entertainment/Hobbies Camping, Family, Friends
Stores Target and Amazon
Sports Teams NA
Classroom Items Markers and Pens
Non-Monetary Items Anything hand made!
Mrs. Woods  Front Office/Registrar
Candy Bar Mounds
Snack Food Chips
Restaurant DC Oaks
Fast Food None
Beverage Tea
Chocolate or Fruit Chocolate
Type of Music Celtic
Desired Books Kids Books
Entertainment/Hobbies Crafting, Baking
Stores Amazon
Sports Teams Broncos
Office Type Items Gel Pens
Non-Monetary Items Cards and Pictures
Other No Tree Nuts

Mrs. Kankel
Office Manager/Health Tech.
Candy Bar Take 5, Peanut M & M’s
Snack Food Cheese and crackers/Jerky/Trail Mix
Restaurant Bindle Coffee, Fox and Crow, DC Oakes
Fast Food Breakfast
Beverage Whole Milk Lattes
Chocolate or Fruit Both
Type of Music All
Desired Books Cooking and Baking
Entertainment/Hobbies Cooking, baking, traveling, hiking, puzzles & movies
Stores Target, King Soopers, Local shops
Sports Teams CSU
Classroom Items Gel pens and mechanical pencils
Non-Monetary Items Notes, drawings, baked goods
Other Crazy Socks, Ceramic Mugs
Ms. Velez CLC Site Coordinator
Candy Bar Snickers/Sour Patch Kids
Snack Food Fun Yuns/Hummus
Restaurant Local Restaurants
Fast Food Chik-Fil-A
Beverage Kombucha
Chocolate or Fruit Grapes
Type of Music All Kinds
Desired Books All Kinds
Entertainment/Hobbies Biking/Rock Climbing/Back Packing
Stores T.J. Maxx / Target
Sports Teams FSU / BUCS / Tampa Bay Lightning
Classroom Items Colorful Pens
Non-Monetary Items Cards and heart felt DIY’s
Other I love plants

Ms. Emma Erwin AAK Support Staff/CLC Educator 
Candy Bar Almond Joy
Snack Food Sunflower Seeds
Restaurant MOD Pizza
Fast Food Smash Burger
Beverage Bubbly Water
Chocolate or Fruit Fruit
Type of Music Pop
Desired Books Lord of the Rings
Entertainment/Hobbies Reading, Jogging, Painting
Stores Target
Sports Teams
Classroom Items Pens, Markers
Non-Monetary Items Hand Drawn Pictures
Ms. Christine Thompson AAK Support Staff
Candy Bar Hershey’s Chocolate
Snack Food Fruits
Restaurant All
Fast Food Cane’s Chicken
Beverage Water
Chocolate or Fruit Fruit
Type of Music Conscious Music
Desired Books The older the book the better
Sports Teams Gaga ball AAK Dragons
Classroom Items
Non-Monetary Items

Ms. Sierra Montez AAK Support Staff
Candy Bar Hershey’s Cookies & Cream
Snack Food Gardetto’s/Fruit Snacks
Restaurant Anything Fort Collins Local
Fast Food Wendy’s/Dutch Bros.
Beverage Coffee/Smoothies
Chocolate or Fruit Fruit
Type of Music Disney & Dancing Music
Desired Books Fantasy/Adventure/Dr. Suess
Entertainment/Hobbies Hiking/Paddleboarding/Reading
Stores 2nd & Charles/Barnes & Nobles
Sports Teams All Denver Teams & Iowa Hawkeyes
Classroom Items Pens / Stickers
Non-Monetary Items Words of Encouragement
Ms. Jillian Kovach AAK Support Staff
Candy Bar
Snack Food
Fast Food
Chocolate or Fruit
Type of Music
Desired Books
Sports Teams
Classroom Items
Non-Monetary Items

Ms. Cecilia Pivarunas Occupational Therapist
Candy Bar 100 Grand
Snack Food gluten free pretzels
Restaurant Chik-Fil-A
Fast Food  Chik-Fil-A
Beverage Diet Dr. Pepper
Chocolate or Fruit Chocolate
Type of Music Any Kind
Desired Books Beach Reads
Entertainment/Hobbies Bowling, Hallmark Movies, Hiking
Stores Home Goods, TJ Maxx
Sports Teams
Classroom Items Glitter makes everything better!
Non-Monetary Items Words of Affirmation
Mr. Lee Martinez Custodian
Candy Bar Crunch, Twix
Snack Food Popcorn
Restaurant Alberto’s, Jason’s Deli
Fast Food Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Chick-Fil-A, Taco John’s
Beverage Diet Pepsi, Tea
Chocolate or Fruit Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Banana, Apple, Watermelon
Type of Music Journey, Oldies, Country, Hip Hop
Desired Books Stephen King
Entertainment/Hobbies Movies, Metal Earth
Stores Walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby
Sports Teams Denver Broncos, The Rockies
Classroom Items
Non-Monetary Items