We’ve all had teachers who inspired or challenged us at important moments in our lives. These teachers and supporting staff are truly special and, like all people who excel at their jobs, they deserve our sincere thanks.  AAK parents are encouraged to show their appreciation with a small token of their gratitude, such as a favorite candy bar, book, or snack food.

Mrs. D. Smith Kindergarten
Candy Bar Anything Chocolate without nuts!
Snack Food Popcorn, Cheese
Restaurant Sushi
Fast Food Chick-Fil-A
Beverage Coffee, fizz sticks
Chocolate or Fruit Both!
Type of Music Pop, Rock, and everything 90s
Desired Books Almost Anything, history, motivational, fiction, biographies
Entertainment/Hobbies Reading, video games, writing, hiking
Stores Target, Amazon, Dollar Tree
Sports Teams Mississippi State University
Classroom Items Mini Erasers, children’s books, cactus theme
Non-Monetary Items Sweet notes and pictures!
Other Favs: green, cats, dogs, health & wellness
Mrs. Guindon 
Candy Bar Twix
Snack Food Cheese crackers
Restaurant Panera
Fast Food Chick-Fil-A, Freddy’s, Good Times/Culver’s
Beverage Diet Dr Pepper and Chai Tea
Chocolate or Fruit both (chocolate covered strawberries, anyone?)!
Type of Music indie rock and French rap/pop
Desired Books Anything Margaret Atwood, graphic novels, comedian/comedienne biographies
Entertainment/Hobbies tending to my houseplants, walking/hiking with my dog, playing with my cats, watching shows/movies with my husband
Stores Target, Amazon, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, King Soopers, Walmart, Dollar Store
Sports Teams University of Alabama football! Other than that, I’m not really a sports fan
Classroom Items laminating sheets, prize box items, snacks, Dollar Store gift card
Non-Monetary Items encouraging words and hand drawn pictures/notes
Other I love RAINBOWS, plants, cats, French and all things Francophone (form French-speaking countries)!

Ms. Sloan  First Grade
Candy Bar Gummies
Snack Food Cheetohs
Restaurant Grub Hub
Fast Food
Beverage Plain Tea
Chocolate or Fruit Chocolate
Type of Music Oldies, 80s, 90s, classic rock
Desired Books Children’s Books
Entertainment/Hobbies Puzzles, painting, crafting
Stores Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels
Sports Teams
Classroom Items Pens, Post its, laminating sheets
Non-Monetary Items art work, cards, notes
Other Nerd Group – star wars, superheroes, movies
Mr. K.Smith First Grade
Candy Bar Crunch
Snack Food Chips & Queso
Restaurant Qdoba
Fast Food Qdoba
Beverage Hot Chocolate
Chocolate or Fruit Both!
Type of Music All, I love music 🙂
Desired Books Children’s stories
Entertainment/Hobbies Computer games
Stores Target and Amazon
Sports Teams Wyoming Cowboys
Classroom Items Pens and Pins
Non-Monetary Items

Mrs. Tatro
Second Grade
Candy Bar Sour Patch kids and Milky Way
Snack Food
Restaurant Bann Thai or Taco Stop
Fast Food
Beverage Coffee, coffee, coffee, bubbly water
Chocolate or Fruit Chocolate or chocolate covered fruit
Type of Music Anything I can sing to, so everything
Desired Books
Entertainment/Hobbies Reading, card games, board games, and hiking.
Stores Amazon
Sports Teams Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Sounders, Mariners
Classroom Items
Non-Monetary Items words of affirmation

Ms. Poe
Third Grade
Candy Bar anything chocolate w/out nuts
Snack Food Chex Mix & M&M’s
Restaurant Fuzzy’s, Jason’s Deli, Rio, Mary’s Mountain Cookies, anything ice cream related
Fast Food Chick-fil-A
Beverage Sprite Zero, Molten Lava Frost (Dutch Bros), Sparkling Water
Chocolate or Fruit Anything chocolatey!  (just without nuts)
Type of Music Love it all, classic rock is my favorite
Desired Books chapter books for my class!
Entertainment/Hobbies Volleyball, working out, reading, crafting and going to the movies
Stores Target, Amazon, Walmart
Sports Teams Broncos, Dallas Mavericks, CSU Rams
Classroom Items rugs!, schedule hanger too.
Non-Monetary Items homemade artwork
Other email me!
Mrs. Jenes 
Third Grade
Candy Bar Any chocolate with or without nuts/peanut butter
Snack Food Crackers – yummy salty stuff
Restaurant Mexican food – Cafe Rio, Matador, etc
Fast Food Qdoba, Sandwich shop (Jimmy John’s, Cheeba Hut, etc)
Beverage Ummm I drink just about everything
Chocolate or Fruit Both
Type of Music Anything I can sing to
Desired Books Picture Books for the classroom
Entertainment/Hobbies Painting, movies, games
Stores Amazon, Target, Walmart, King Soopers
Sports Teams I always root for the underdogs
Classroom Items laminating sheets, manipulatives
Non-Monetary Items Hugs or crafts!
Other Green is my favorite color and I love things with swirly designs

Mrs. Siu
Fourth Grade
Candy Bar All chocolate! A favorite: chocolate covered almonds
Snack Food Chips
Restaurant Any Italian restaurant!
Fast Food Chick fil A, Panera Bread
Beverage earl grey or chai tea
Chocolate or Fruit Fruit!
Type of Music Country
Desired Books auto/biographies/memoirs, mystery
Entertainment/Hobbies climbing/hiking, yoga, movies, board games
Stores Target, Knowledge Bound, Amazon, Michaels, REI, Sierra
Sports Teams Vancouver Canucks ;), Colorado Avalanche
Classroom Items chart paper, laminating sheets, games for our classroom, manipulatives
Non-Monetary Items notes, letters and cards!
Ms. Rubenthaler
Fifth Grade
Candy Bar Candy
Snack Food meat & cheese, chips
Restaurant Qdoba
Fast Food Taco Bell
Beverage coffee, tea, Mt. Dew
Chocolate or Fruit both
Type of Music
Desired Books gift card to Barnes and Noble
Entertainment/Hobbies sewing
Stores Amazon
Sports Teams Patriots, CSU
Classroom Items
Non-Monetary Items

Mrs. Floyd Music
Candy Bar Chocolate!!!
Snack Food crackers and cheese, fruit,
Restaurant Any restaurant! Surprise me!
Fast Food Wendy burgers
Beverage Hazelnut latte
Chocolate or Fruit Chocolate, yes! Fruit, yes!
Type of Music Gypsy jazz, Klezmer, choro
Desired Books Rhythmic books we can make into a sound poem
Entertainment/Hobbies Gardening, mosaics
Stores Joann’s, craft stores, Boomer Music
Sports Teams Sorry, what’s a sports team? Is it half time yet?
Classroom Items Fun pens! Colored copy paper
Non-Monetary Items Handmade cards <3
Ms. Andrejasich Art
Candy Bar Dark Chocolate
Snack Food Mixed nuts
Restaurant Youngs
Fast Food Panera
Beverage Chai Tea
Chocolate or Fruit Dark, rasperries, bluberries
Type of Music Into Sesame street w/ grandaughter!
Desired Books Drawing books for the art room
Entertainment/Hobbies ART!!!
Stores Target
Sports Teams I love the Olympics!
Classroom Items Sharpies, color or black
Non-Monetary Items Student art, signed! they may be famous one day!!!

Mrs. Turriago Wellness
Candy Bar KitKat
Snack Food Chips and Guacamole
Restaurant Rock Bottom
Fast Food Pizza, Burger
Beverage Diet Coke, Cafe Latte
Chocolate or Fruit Fruit
Type of Music 80’s
Desired Books Cookbooks
Entertainment/Hobbies Musicals, Traveling, Movies
Stores Macy’s, Sports shops
Sports Teams Indiana Basketball
Classroom Items Amazon cards to buy PE equipment
Non-Monetary Items PE equipment
Other PE Equipment
Theresa Dreyer Special Education Teacher
Candy Bar Dark Chocolate
Snack Food Blueberries
Restaurant Lucille’s
Fast Food Chipotle
Beverage Herbal Tea
Chocolate or Fruit Chocolate
Type of Music Jazz, blues, funk, soul, rock, pop
Desired Books Hank Zipzer, Captain Underpants
Entertainment/Hobbies Hiking, Movies, art
Stores Anything in old town
Sports Teams Muggle Quidditch
Classroom Items Stickers, alphabet letters – magnetic
Non-Monetary Items Cards, crafts, email, art

Ms. Schlagel
Candy Bar Pay Day
Snack Food Sweet or Salty
Restaurant All of them!
Fast Food Chick Fil A
Beverage Coffee
Chocolate or Fruit Chocolate
Type of Music ALL!
Desired Books Thriller
Entertainment/Hobbies Camping, Family, Friends
Stores Target and Amazon
Sports Teams NA
Classroom Items Markers and Pens
Non-Monetary Items Anything hand made!
Mrs. Kankel
Office Manager/Health Tech.
Candy Bar Twix
Snack Food Cheese and crackers
Restaurant Bindle Coffee, Harbinger Coffee, Los Tarrascos, Himalayan Bistro
Fast Food Breakfast
Beverage Lattes
Chocolate or Fruit Both
Type of Music All
Desired Books Cooking and Baking
Entertainment/Hobbies Cooking, baking, traveling, hiking, puzzles & movies
Stores Target, King Soopers
Sports Teams Pittsburg Penguins, Oakland A’s
Classroom Items Gel pens and mechanical pencils, post-it notes
Non-Monetary Items Notes, drawings, baked goods
Other Crazy Socks, anything homemade

Mr. Bono
Assistant Principal
Candy Bar Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
Snack Food nuts, cheese, chocolate
Restaurant Pulcinella Pizzeria
Fast Food Panda Express
Beverage Zero Gatorade
Chocolate or Fruit Lindts Truffles
Type of Music Jazz
Desired Books Pilgrims Progress
Entertainment/Hobbies Football/Cooking
Stores Thrift Stores
Sports Teams Denver Broncos
Classroom Items Snacks
Non-Monetary Items
Ms. Gossard Director of Business & Operations
Candy Bar
Snack Food Cheese and crackers
Fast Food Sally’s Kitchen
Beverage Iced lattes
Chocolate or Fruit Dark chocolate
Type of Music
Desired Books Child psychology, sci-fi
Entertainment/Hobbies Hiking, building, camping, reading
Stores REI, Home Depot
Sports Teams
Classroom Items Notebooks
Non-Monetary Items Cards/drawings