The Academy of Arts & Knowledge 2020-21 Parent/Student Handbook, Kindergarten – 5th Grade

On behalf of the Academy of Arts and Knowledge (AAK) community, welcome! Our staff is pleased to have you here as a student or as a supportive parent. We will do our best to help you and make your experience here productive and successful.

The Parent-Student Handbook has pertinent information, rules and regulations. Therefore it is important that every parent and student read and become familiar with its contents. The handbook was developed so we can ensure a safe and organized program and to communicate an understanding of expectations between students, parents and the school.

We hope that your child’s school year will be not only educational but enjoyable. We are committed to providing high-quality education and care for our students. The  Academy of Arts and Knowledge Handbook is designed to help students and parents become a part of the AAK community and to integrate into our culture of caring and success. We are all responsible for knowing and adhering to the contents of this handbook. Although it cannot cover every situation or question, it is designed to be your guide through the most common situations.

NOTE: This handbook supersedes all prior handbooks and other written material on the same subjects. This handbook should not be construed to accord any rights or privileges to students or families beyond those accorded by law.

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