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Our Philosophy

When you ask any of our community members what is so great about AAK, the first thing they say is how welcoming and joyful it is. How much it feels like family.

We accept all students here and encourage them to be unapologetically themselves in a world that tries to place them in a box.

We attract families who are looking for a community where their child can be truly seen and supported for who they are as individuals, not a school that tries to force them into some generic mold. Children who never felt like they fit in before thrive at our school because everyone at our school is just a little quirky, and we love that about each other. Children who have felt like they are falling through the cracks find a home at AAK. Our foundation is one of mutual respect and support for one another. 

We believe that for true learning and growth to happen, your child needs to first feel safe, loved, and nurtured. At AAK, the individual comes first.  We get to know all of our Dragons on a personal level.  We know what makes them tick.  We know their hopes and fears and we are their biggest cheerleaders. We invite you to explore our site and discover how we integrate the arts into our academics and community, how we encourage and foster each student's growth, and how we welcome each new student into the AAK family.  A family where they feel safe, loved, and seen.

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