2022-23 State Performance Measure Data

Core Academics

52% 3rd-5th graders will increase reading and math scores by 10% from Fall to Spring using NWEA Maps and DiBELS testing

MAPS Reading and Math 50%- 3 students did not complete the end of the year assessment. With these scores we would have met our target of 52%. We met the performance measure on the DIBELS assessment, 67% of students made 10% or more growth when comparing beginning of the year data and end of the year data.

School Attendance

40% of regular attendees who have an attendance baseline of 83% will increase to 85% attendance.

Making Progress

  • 42 students Improved their attendance from last year by at least 2%; 40 students were Not Applicable
  • 32% Increased attendance by at least 2% | 36% Were close to meeting the goal ; 31% Did not have data to come to the conclusion
  • 77% of regular attendees had a school day attendance of 85% or higher

Essential Skills

65% of regular attendees will improve their character skills rating by at least 1 rating score, from novice to advanced beginner from BOY to EOY as measured by teacher observation rubrics and self-reported student surveys.

Making Progress

According to our teacher survey, 75% or more students showed an improvement or did not need improvement with getting along well with others, coming to school motivated to learn and being attentive in class.

Family Engagement

Increase active parent participation to 40 parents for FY23 by reviewing attendance records over the year, parent input and feedback surveys. CLC staff will welcome families, build a link with the school community, have a space dedicated for communication on the school website, send a monthly calendar by email with a link to sign up for participation.

Exceeded Performance Measure

Climate and culture of the school is really important when getting families engaged! Staff at the front door make it a point to build connections with the parents and create a welcoming atmosphere. Having events scheduled in advance and sending reminders to parents are always helpful along with having a bulletin board with upcoming events at the entrance.

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