Community Learning Center


The Community Learning Center (CLC) at The Academy of Arts and Knowledge provides no-cost academic enrichment programs for families currently enrolled at AAK. Our goal is to offer valuable learning experiences beyond regular school hours, making use of the school facilities during non-school times. Through CLC, families can access a range of educational support, including academic assistance, music and arts programs, opportunities for family and civic engagement, health and wellness activities. We are constantly adding new and exciting opportunities for our students.

Best of all, CLC is completely free for all of our students.

The Center is currently funded by a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant with five main goals:

  • Increase median growth in reading and math: The Center is staffed by professionals who embed intentional learning objectives into fun activities that enrich and support our overall learning environment.
  • Increase essential success skills: CLC staff offers activities which encourage and support “character” development as a lifelong success skill. Participants engage in various activities and situations in which they learn appropriate interpersonal communication, personal responsibility, and decision-making skills.
  • Increase school attendance: Entertaining and engaging activities are intentionally designed to encourage good attendance.
  • Increase positive behaviors: By focusing on structured engaging activities and character education, students are typically more eager to engage in positive behaviors at school and carry those attributes into their homes.
  • Increase family engagement: We truly exist to serve our students AND families. Look for monthly events that include our families. Current considerations include: family game nights, parenting classes, language classes, music and drama performances, cooking demonstrations, and homework help for parents. Let our Site Coordinator, Hazel Velez, know what suggestions or needs your family may have.

See how we did on our CLC State Performance Measures!


School Days

Monday- Friday 7:00 to 8:05 AM and 3:20 – 5:30 PM excluding holidays.

Out-of-School Breaks

Monday through Friday 7:00 to 5:30 excluding holidays. Please refer to the 23-24 Calendar for specific school closures.


Contact Nichole Schlagel via text or call at 970-619-1077 or via email at


Students must be registered to attend. Please complete a separate registration form for each sibling.

Registration for out-of-school breaks will be emailed and posted two weeks preceding the break. Be sure to check Dragon Mail, AAK social media, QR codes located at the AAK main entrance and CLC pick up and drop off area.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Before School:

7:00 – 7:35am – CLC Morning Drop Off at the front door.

7:35 – 7:50 – No Drop Off, Please wait until Driver Drop Off begins.

7:50 – 8:10 – Driver Drop Off

After School:

3:20 until the car line is empty – Driver Pick Up

3:40 – 5:30 – CLC Pick Up at the front door.

**Be prepared to show ID when you show up to get your student. Please make sure the person picking up your student is authorized. If you aren’t sure, please call the front desk at AAK to add a person.

AAK Community Learning Center is open to all current AAK students residing in the state of Colorado. Enrollment decisions shall be made in a nondiscriminatory manner without regard to disability, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, ancestry, need for special education services, on any other protected class.