Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a public or a private school?

Public! AAK is a charter public school. That means we function just like the traditional public school in your neighborhood in terms of funding and the students we serve. We are tuition-free and accept all students, as long as they have a Colorado address! We are held accountable for the same academic achievement as traditional public schools, but we have more autonomy to be innovative in how we reach those standards and how we structure our educational program. Learn more about charter schools here.

What type of volunteer activity is expected of parents?

You are able to choose the amount of volunteer time that works best for you. We offer opportunities from classroom volunteers, library volunteers, School Accountability Committee, PTO, to being on our school board.

Do you serve special education students? What do your special education services look like?

Absolutely! We have a wonderful special education team that consists of a special education teacher, speech pathologist, occupational therapist, and school psychologist. Our students are included in all aspects of our school community and receive targeted instruction in the areas of need. We believe in the value each and every student contributes to our school community. Through a team approach we provide unlimited opportunities for all of our students.

How does AAK support the social and emotional needs of our students?

AAK is excited to announce our Social-Emotional Learning teacher! We are able to offer the whole class, small group, and individual support for our students. We focus on Restorative Practices, PeaceKeepers, and practicing social skills.

How long until my child can attend after returning the enrollment packet?

Once we receive the enrollment packet for the current school year, it will be 24 hours until your child can attend. Once we have the paperwork processed we will notify their new teacher to ensure a warm welcome is ready on our child’s first day at AAK!

What are the typical class sizes at AAK?

Class sizes range from 17-22 typically. We do have the flexibility to offer multi-grade classrooms in order to keep class sizes down.

Can I tour the school before enrolling?

Absolutely! Choosing the right school for your child can be a difficult process! Call us to set up a personal tour of our school at 970-226-2800.

Do I have to live in a certain neighborhood to attend AAK?

No! We are a public school of choice, which means we don’t have any geographic boundaries for enrollment. Students from all across the Front Range attend our school. The only requirement is that you live in the state of Colorado.

Is the Community Learning Center really free?

Yes! We offer FREE before, after, and out-of-school programming for all enrolled AAK students. Families have to register to utilize the program, so we can staff appropriately. Learn more about the Community Learning Center at AAK.

Are uniforms required?

No! While we do have a dress code, uniforms are not required. You can find the complete list of acceptable clothing and shoes in the parent/student handbook.

How is enrollment handled at AAK? Does my child need to pass a test to enroll?

Open enrollment begins on November 1 in the year prior to the one you want to enroll in. Available seats are granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Enrollment is open to all K-5 students in the state of Colorado and there are no admission requirements.

How do you handle standardized state tests? Are these administered just as they are in the traditional public schools?

State tests are administered just like any other public school. We participate in the same tests and use this data to help drive our school improvement.

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