Our Values



We hold a profound belief that kindness is the cornerstone of all human interactions. We understand that the cultivation of kindness begins with fostering a nurturing environment where every child feels seen, heard, and valued.

One of our core objectives is to empower our students with the skills necessary to navigate their personal boundaries and engage in healthy relationships. We believe that by teaching children the importance of setting boundaries, we equip them with the tools to respect their own needs and the needs of others, fostering an atmosphere of mutual understanding and empathy.

In the face of conflicts, we guide our students to approach them with kindness as the guiding principle. Through thoughtful dialogue and open communication, we encourage them to seek understanding and find common ground, fostering a culture of collaboration and peaceful resolution.



We believe in the principle of equity in education. We are dedicated to providing all children with equal access to high quality education and after-school programs, regardless of their geographical location, appearance, socioeconomic status or neurodiversity.

We actively work to dismantle systemic barriers and address resource gaps to ensure that every student has an equitable opportunity to succeed, prioritizing providing the necessary resources, support and opportunities to students who may face additional challenges, ensuring that they receive the same level of care and attention as their peers.

By fostering an inclusive environment, promoting cultural responsiveness, and installing a sense of social responsibility, we empower students to become compassionate individuals who celebrate diversity and contribute positively to their communities.

We believe that by addressing inequities head-on, we can create a brighter and more equitable future for all.



We believe that no child should ever be excluded or left behind. We are committed to creating an educational environment where all students, regardless of their backgrounds, abilities or financial circumstances, can thrive and fully participate.

We recognize that access to high-quality programs should not be limited by a family's ability to pay. We actively strive to remove financial barriers to ensure that every student can benefit from our enriching educational offerings.

We believe in the importance of fostering inclusive classrooms where students with disabilities can fully participate alongside their peers. We are dedicated to providing the necessary accommodations, support and resources to create an inclusive learning environment that enables students of all abilities to learn together.

In our school community, we embrace the philosophy that there is a place for everyone. We value diversity in all its forms. We celebrate the unique strengths and perspectives that each individual brings, fostering a sense of belong and acceptance.



We believe in the transformative power of creativity. We recognize that every child possesses an innate sense of creativity and curiosity, which serves as a wellspring for self-expression, exploration and personal growth.

We cultivate and nurture the creative spirit within each child. We provide them with a supportive and stimulating environment that encourages them to unleash their imagination, think critically, and embrace their unique perspectives. We empower our students to approach challenges with an open mind and develop innovative solutions.

Engaging in creative endeavors enables our students to develop a sense of self-assurance and confidence in their abilities. By providing them with opportunities to experiment, take risks and learn from both success and failure, we foster resilience and a growth mindset.

We aim to equip our students with the skills and mindset necessary for success in the ever-evolving 21st century. We believe that by fostering their creative sprit, we inspire a lifelong love of learning, critical thinking and a deep appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the world.

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