Developing A Love Of Music Outside of the Classroom

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One of the many things that we focus on here at The Academy of Arts and Knowledge is music. The benefits of studying music is something that we’ve discussed in previous blog posts. Studying music has been known to provide students with a wide variety of benefits. In studying rhythm, tempo, and timing, the study of music has been proven to provide students with benefits that help them excel in both math and science. Here at the Academy of Arts and Knowledge, we believe that studying music produces students that are strong readers and writers as well. With all these benefits in mind, it’s clear that a musical child is also a gifted child. Studying music doesn’t have to end at school, though. In this post, we will look at few things that you can do to help develop a love of music for your child outside of the classroom.

Play Music As Much As Possible

While some children are born with an inclination towards loving music, others come to the realization after being exposed to music in some form or another. While some kids come to music at a later age through popular music and media, others exhibit a true love of music at an early age. A great way to encourage your child’s gift and love of music is to fill your home with music. Whether it’s through having music-related programming playing on TV or sharing some of your favorite pieces of music with your child, providing a variety of music for your child will lay a foundation of musical love within them, or build upon the one that already exists. Whether if it’s through playing the radio in the morning as they’re getting ready to come to school or while riding in the car, playing music as much as possible is a very effective and easy way to help your child develop (or further develop) a love for the art form.

Take them to Musical Events

Another thing that you can do to to develop your child’s love of music outside of the classroom is by taking them to live music events. Many musicians point to seeing live performances of music as being the event that made them want to perform themselves. Without the visual of a person actually playing an instrument or singing, the concept of how music is actually created can sometimes be a bit of a mystery for young children. By seeing music happening before their own eyes, however, your music-loving child may very well fall in love with their favorite instrument, wanting to learn how to play it on their own.

Enroll in Private Lessons

Some children are satisfied with the level of musical exposure that they get at school, but with music and art programs in public schools not always receiving the proper funding that they deserve, artistic students are left wanting more. At The Academy of Arts and Knowledge, fine arts is our focus and we offer many opportunities for children to express themselves musically. During our enrichment block, students can be members of the band, orchestra, or choir. For students who desire more than that, however, a great way to help them further develop their musical gift is to enroll them in private lessons. Private instruction is a great way to develop their skills on a specific instrument, and by supplementing their school instruction with private instruction, your child could easily go on to study their respective instrument well into adulthood.

Those are just a few things that you can do to help your child develop their love of music outside of the classroom. At the Academy of Arts and Knowledge, we aim to be Fort Collins’ finest performing arts school, providing our students with a unique learning environment that allows them to develop intellectually and creatively, allowing them to reach their full potential as students. To find out more about our Fort Collins performing arts school, contact The Academy of Arts and Knowledge today.