Should I Get a Musical Instrument For My Child? Part One

Gifted and artistically inclined children can be inspiring in the amount of things that they are capable of doing and with the amount of things that they can already do. If your child is interested in music, is it a good idea to get them an instrument that they can learn?

In today’s blog entry, we will discuss how to think about buying an instrument for your child. If you want your son or daughter to receive an education that treats the arts seriously, you should consider enrolling them at the Academy of Arts & Knowledge, a charter school in Fort Collins. We believe that art enhances education and that it is vital for growing minds to have access to art and music. Check out our website today to learn about enrollment and about our program.

Are They Actually Interested in Learning?

When you have a gifted child, it can be difficult to keep up with them. Their interests and knowledge seem to grow exponentially every day, which may make it seem as though they are flitting between subjects that they want to learn about. While that is true sometimes, in other cases it may be a perfect example of a child trying to better understand a subject contextually.

If you see your child engaging with music a lot, or more deeply than with other interests, it might be a good idea to talk to them about learning an instrument instead of just buying something and handing it to them.

Talk to Your Child About Hard Work and Practice

For some children, music seems to come naturally. Until you know that your child is one of these lucky few, it is a good idea to discuss the importance of practice and persistence. While you don’t have to scare them with the thought of hundreds and thousands of hours of practice, it is a good idea to set some expectations and goals that they will be able to hit. Structuring another interest as if it were a school task can be helpful in that it allows them to think more critically about their pursuit of music.

Find Out What Instruments Are Available

Thanks to the internet, it is possible to find anything, including musical instruments, online. While you might be tempted to find something cheap on Amazon, we recommend visiting a local music store. Local music stores are staffed with people who are committed to helping others discover the joy of music. They have helped hundreds of people just like you, which means that they understand the importance of having options. A lot of stores have instrument rentals, which can be a great way to let your child try something before committing hundreds of dollars to a pursuit they may not like.

In our next blog entry, we will discuss how to help your child learn music by finding a good teacher, and how to help them widen their musical horizons. If you want your child to attend a school where the fine arts are an integral part of the curriculum, visit the Academy for Arts & Knowledge website. It is full of information about our program, and you can find the latest dates for enrollment.