The Benefits of a Charter School Education

The Academy of Arts and Knowledge is proud to be Fort Collins' premier fine arts charter school, providing our students with a high quality educational experience. We adhere to the Colorado Academic Standards, instructing students in core subjects of reading, writing, math, science and social studies, while also integrating fine arts throughout our curriculum. Parents who are interested in our school and the unique educational we provide our students, get in touch today!

Some people tend to be unaware of the many benefits that a student receives in attending a charter school. In this blog, we will examine just a few of them and, showing you how they differ from a standard public educational experience.

Smaller class sizes are highly beneficial to your child’s overall learning experience. Being in a classroom filled with a larger amount of students means plenty of other things that can impede their learning development. Classmate related distractions are greatly reduced in a smaller class size, as larger sized classes give students less of an opportunity to be caught acting up, which in turn causes a higher likelihood of a student straying away from the lesson or task at hand. Conversely, having less students in a classroom allows the instructor to pay more attention to each student individually. The students can interact more with the instructor, as with less students, they have less classmates to deal with. This means that not only is your child is given more opportunities to ask questions, but the instructor is also better able to understand your child’s educational style and needs. In short, smaller class sizes promote the overall success of your child, allowing them to learn more effectively and interact with both their classmates and teacher on a more personal level.


In a charter school, the curriculum is one that differs from a public school setting. More specifically, the curriculum is one that doesn’t assume that every student is the same. All students are different and learn differently, and public school settings aren’t able to accommodate the needs of each and every students, due to a lack of resources and larger class sizes, amongst other factors. Charter school curriculums, which also benefit from the smaller class sizes, are able to customize the learning experience to multiple learning styles, effectively accommodating the needs of many different kinds of students. No one student is the same, and attempting to teach to multiple students in this way is ineffective and plays a role in why some students perform better than others.

Charter schools generally have a focus on a specific area, which allows students that are gifted in that specific area to develop their skill more intently than if they were to attend a public school. At the Academy of Arts and Knowledge, our focus is on fine arts. Students that exhibit an interest and ability in things like art, music, writing and other creative endeavors can sometimes feel left behind in a public school setting, as in many cases, programs like those are usually the first to be affected by public school budget cuts. All students are special and all students deserve the opportunity to succeed and develop their individual gifts, and it’s all too common for students that are gifted in a fine art have less of an opportunity to do so in a public school setting.

Unlike public schools where the quality of education varies from class to class, charter schools hold their instructors to a higher standard, similar to that of a private educational institution. The result is getting a higher quality education, lead by an instructor that is likely more qualified than their public school counterpart. At the Academy of Arts and Knowledge, we take pride in every one of our staff members, knowing that they are committed to providing your student with the best education possible and adhering to our mission statement in all that they do.

Those are just a small handful of benefits that charter schools provide for its students. At The Academy of Arts and Knowledge, we are committed to providing your child with all of these benefits and many additional ones as well. For more information about our school, curriculum and more, contact us today.