Looking For Ways to Get Involved?

Make a difference at AAK by joining our Parent/Teacher Organization!

Teacher Appreciation

Our teachers work hard every day taking care of our children and never get nearly enough appreciation. There are many ways that the PTO can coordinate Teacher Appreciation so we can show our teachers how much we love them!

  • Surprise meals or snacks throughout the year
  • Snacks and meals during state assessments (April)
  • Teacher Appreciation Week (May 1-7)

AAK Community Events

One of AAK’s goals this year is to create a stronger community feel and offer more community events throughout the year. PTO would work with the administration and teachers to assist in scheduling, planning and marketing the events to our community. Some of these events include:

  • Dinner Night Out during Paragon Nights (November 15, December 12, February 15, April 17)
  • Spirit Week (October 2-6)
  • Camp Read-A-Lot (October 6)
  • Canvases & Cupcakes (January 26)
  • Parent Night Out/Dr. Seuss Day (March 23)
  • Rollerland Nights (December 1, April 27)

AAK Fundraising

AAK utilizes a variety of fundraisers throughout the school year in order to supplement some of our programs. Larger fundraisers (Yankee Candle, Boosterthon, Math Challenge) are used for funding specific projects like the library or a new greenhouse. Smaller fundraisers (Parent Night Out, Pox Tops, Rollerland, Milk Caps) are used to offer scholarships to students who otherwise could not afford to participate in after school activities, certain enrichments, or field trips. These smaller fundraisers are also used to purchase supplies for our enrichment programs. Below are some fundraisers that we could use PTO support on:

  • Parent Night Out
  • Box Tops
  • Milk Caps
  • Summer Bridge Books
  • Book Fair (October 16-20, March 27-30)
  • Math Challenge (January)
  • Boosterthon (April 23-May 2)

Arts Gala (May 5)

The biggest event of the year, the Arts Gala requires a lot of volunteer time and commitment – but it is always worth it when we get together and showcase all of the amazing learning that has happened over the course of the year and allows our students to really shine! There are four different categories within the Arts Gala that will work concurrently to pull off this amazing event:

  • Visual Arts Coordination
  • Performance Arts Coordination
  • Dinner Coordination
  • Silent Auction Coordination